24-28 Sep 2017 Saint Malo (France)

Latest meeting news

The HPMPS-9 meeting is now finished. Thank you all for your participation and see you again for HPMPS-10!
Due to the security measures in place in Europe at present, there are restriction of access to the conference. In order to access the venue and retrieve your badges and program, it is requested that each of you carry the email stating your participation to HPMPS-9, which needs to be shown to the security agent at entry. We advise you not to bring any luggage to retrieve your badge. Otherwise, your luggage should be labeled with your name and address. It will very likely be searched at the main gate. Once badges are delivered, they will be asked to access the Palais des Congrès.
Poster boards will be 1.10 meter high and 0.95 meter wide.
The book of abstract is now available as a PDF file.
Online registrations for the excursions are closed. We are pleased to confirm you that both excursions, the private visit of the Mont Saint-Michel Abbey and the crossing of the Mont Saint-Michel Bay, are duly maintained. From now, if someone would like to book one of the excursion, please send us an e-mail. We will contact the travel agency for you. If there are some places left, the agency will request you to pay by cash directly at Saint-Malo.
The program is available! Have a look at the conference program, session list, and author index. There might be some minor tweaks in the coming days but you can start planning your meeting.
The conference program is being worked out. It will be available soon, probably by the end of the week.
The deadline for booking excursions to the Mont Saint Michel was extended to Aug. 25th.
Betsa, supplier of high pressure equipment, and Frontiers in Earth Science, scientific publisher, will sponsor the HPMPS 9.
As of July 15th, 2017, we received 135 submissions. The abstract submission is now officially closed. We can still send abstracts as "Late Posters". These will be considered later and added into the program wherever they fit. As indicated these late abstracts will not be considered for oral presentation.
A message for the always late birds: the abstract submission site is still up on Sunday July 16th. You can still submit abstract until midnight (French time).
Deadline for abstract submission and early bird registration is soon, on July 15th. Do not forget to send in your abstract!
We updated the list of invited and keynote speakers. This list should be nearly final.
We added a contact for issues with the registration and payment. Questions and support will be provided from hpmps@impmc.upmc.fr
B. Buffett from the University of California, Berkeley, was added to the list of confirmed plenary speakers.
The abstract submission deadline was pushed until July 15th, 2017.
The list of confirmed plenary speakers was added to the website
We updated the page for the excursions to the Mont Saint Michel with links to register for the excursions.
The excursion pages was updated, with a change of deadline and more details about the excursions.
The list of academic sponsors has been filled, along with a logo for each.
The registration site is now open.
We added an item for accompanying person/spouses in the list of fees.
The page with deadlines was updated with the latest information. Abstract submission will open soon.
There will be excursions to the Mont Saint Michel on Thursday September 28. A page has been created for details on these additional excursions.
The registration page was updated with the list of fees and payment options. The actual payment site will open in early May.
The late bird registration date was changed from Sep 15th to Sep 22nd, 2017.
The link for hotel reservations is now online. You can start booking your accommodation on May 2nd.
The tentative program is now available in the program page.
We created a page for the venue, with a video description of where the conference will take place.
The page with dates and deadline was updated.
The website now includes a list of suggested hotels along with the negotiated prices.
Updated pages with the "Organizing Committee", "Scientific Program", and " Deadlines".
Welcome to the HPMPS website! We are still working on the layout and content, but it will open soon!
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