24-28 Sep 2017 Saint Malo (France)


The 9th High Pressure Mineral Physics Seminar (HPMPS-9) was held in Saint Malo, France, from September 24 to 28, 2017. High Pressure Mineral Physics Seminars are intended to gather an international group of scientists working in the field of mineral physics and deep planetary interiors.

Mineral physics studies provide basic information on physical, chemical, thermodynamic and transport properties of constituents of the Earth’s and planetary interiors. This information, combined with other observations, helps constrain the structure and dynamics of the Earth and other planets.

You can now access the conference program, the list of sessions, the author index and download the book of abstracts along with the program in PDF. Pictures taken during the meeting can also be found at the HPMPS moment on twitter.

We wish to thanks all the participants to this wonderful meeting and wish to see you again at HPMPS-10!

About HPMPS meetings

HPMPS meetings started 41 years ago in 1976 as a U.S.-Japan joint conference series and continued at 5-year intervals (1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, and 1996). As a result of growing international interest, the seminar series was re-envisioned with a broader focus.

The first of the new meetings entitled “High Pressure Mineral Physics Seminars” [HPMP-6] took place in Verbania, Italy, in August 2002 with more than 90 attendees. HPMPS-7 took place in Matsushima, Japan, in May 2007 and was attended by 134 scientists. HPMPS-8 took place in Lake Tahoe, USA, in July 2012 as a joint meeting with the Consortium for Materials Properties Research in Earth Sciences (COMPRES), with a total of 184 attendees.

HPMPS-9 will continue this tradition and will be held in Saint Malo, France, in September 2017.

You will find many more details and anecdotes on the history of these meetings in the paper History of Japan–U.S./High Pressure Mineral Physics Seminars: 1976 to 2012 written by Robert Cooper Liebermann and published in 2014 as an introduction to the Special Issue of Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors for HPMPS-8. It is available as PDF for download by following this link.

The proceedings of previous meetings can be found at the following addresses:

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